Progesterone Cream for Acne

When a women’s hormones become unbalanced during peri-menopause and menopause, most women suffer hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, insomnia and depression.  Adult acne and dark skin discolorations on the face and neck are also caused by hormones playing havoc with your body during this time.

Some women are prescribed synthetic progesterone for hormone replacement therapy.  Unfortunately, many of the side effects of prescription hormone replacement drugs are as bad as the symptoms they are prescribed to help.  Most doctors don’t discuss the possible side-effects of prescription synthetic hormone replacement drugs when they are prescribed and women are often startled to discover the very prescrtiptions they are taking to offset menopause symptoms are causing the same symptoms as menopause along with the increased risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Many women using natural progesterone cream to treat their other symptoms of menopause have noticed significant improvement in their skin discolorations and adult acne.  Natural progesterone cream has been helpful in treating adult acne and unsightly skin discolorations without negative side-effects.

It is recommended that 1/4  teaspoon of 2 or 3 percent natural progesterone cream be rubbed into thin skinned areas of the body such as the wrist, inner-thighs or soles of the feet for hormonal treatment.  However, natural progesterone cream may also be rubbed directly onto dark skin blotches and breakouts as well.

Natural progesterone cream can help restore a woman’s qualilty of life because when your hormones are in balance you look and feel healthy, have a high energy level and restored sex drive.